We’re the glue that connects every phase, every challenge and every contractor

By charting the way forward and proactively identifying potential risks, we can prevent problems that might hinder progress. It’s our job to think of everything that might happen, and make plans accordingly.

Utilising 3D Digital Models made available to clients and contractors on mobile devices increases construction accuracy, improves communication, transparency and reduces on site errors.

A robust body of knowledge, skills and disciplines is at the foundation of everything we do, and this is the product of education and experience. No two projects are the same, so we create a customised execution plan for each new mission. With BIMformation, you always get the benefit of proven methodology counterbalanced by agility, flexibility and ingenuity. We’re prepared to boldly go where you need to go, providing the skills and support that will get you there on time and within budget. We bring the very best people together for every project we are involved in.

Construction companies build buildings, Great project managers build relationships

BIMformation offer a concept to completion and ongoing operation service. The built environment is where we thrive and creating great space is our business. Offering a fully collaborative service where all stakeholders in a project are brought into the process at inception, they remain updated and informed throughout the whole process. BIM systems have been proven internationally to reduce cost, time and error, delivering a fully inclusive digital model ultilised at all stages for meetings, pricing, scheduling, reporting, documentation and facility management. But, just because we offer a complete service doesn’t mean that we can’t tailor our services to meet the requirements for any aspect of your project.